Balloon flight in Cappadocia

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Balloon flight in Cappadocia

In the air, on land or under water? Which of the following vacation sounds better? If you want to fight the heights, you can do it aboard a hot air balloon and climbing mountains in Peru on roads only a few tens of centimeters or parachute jumping. For those who are afraid of heights are always other options: you can either encounter with shark on the sea floor or feel Columbus aboard a luxury ship. Whatever vacation you choose, will certainly different.


1. Balloon flight in Cappadocia

I don’t remember when I first saw the photo from Cappadocia, but I know well that the photographer caught dozens of colorful balloons going up the sky over the houses carved in stone. It seemed like a cartoon picture. I did not realize from the pictures, but when I got there I realized that the area is unlike any cartoon, but with ” The Flintstones “.

Animated series was called in Romanian “Adventures in Stone Age”, and looking back, now I think no expression could better express an adventure in Cappadocia, a region in the heart of Turkey, about 800 km from Istanbul.

We landed at the airport in Kayseri somewhere near midnight, after a 30 minutes connection in Istanbul that we’ve consider it lost from the start. We were lucky to catch the connecting flight that took us one step closer to the flight that really mattered to us, the one with the hot air balloon.

On leaving the airport nothing seemed different from the world that I left. But it was only needed a road for about an hour by taxi to the hotel for a journey through time, right in the Stone Age.


2. Parachute flight in Bucharest

Imagine that you are at 4,000 feet and you have to throw yourself in the empty. That moment passes a lot through your head, but certainly slips the following thought too ” what if the parachute does not open? ” At the begining you fall fast and hear how the air sing to your ears, and then after a deaf sound, you feel how you start to lose speed, you even start to sober and admire the landscape.

TNT Brothers Company, founded by two brothers, Bogdan and Dragos Boeru offer skydiving courses, jumps for beginners and licensed, airfield near Clinceni, 16 km from Bucharest. The price of ja ump for beginners ranging between 700 and 1,000 lei. Difference of up to 300 ron is the cost of photography and filming. For licensees, the cost of a jump is 120 ron for those who own equipment and 195 ron for those who rent. Parachute jump take place from Friday to Sunday, and usually are 12 jumps per day at 4,000 meters high.

3. A week on the yacht in Indonesia

When you say Indonesia, most think of Bali or the island of the gods. For those who, however, reached Raja Ampat archipelago this is the true picture of Paradise, where fishes of all rainbow colors are tikcle your toes while you bathe in the turquoise sea on your own bungalow terrace built on a meter above the water.

To feel Columbus and to be able to explore in detail the area without abandoning the luxury of a bungalow, a trip to Alila Purnama (Full Moon in translation), an Indonesian traditional sailboat seems the best appropriate choice . On board with three decks, where the furniture is custom-made only from local raw materials, and its spa therapist is at your fingertips, you can explore one of the most important reef barrier in the world, with about 1,300 species of fish and 550 types of coral.

An expedition of six nights on board that seems ripped from a pirate story starts at 12,750 USD for a couple.

4. Diving in the Galapagos

Have you ever wanted to get extremly close with a black-tip shark or a hammerhead shark? If so, the Galapagos Islands are the right place. Besides sharks, in the royal blue waters you can meet with dozens of types of fish and other marine life (sea lions, turtles). It’s possible that some of them to not come to the meeting, but will certainly be others who will cut your way while you get down a few meters under water.

If you’re lucky you can even meet with Nemo along with his clownfish fish family . Once you have tied sufficient underwater friendships, you can come out and either go in search of iguanas and giant tortoises or go to the beach or wander the seas aboard a catamaran.

5. To Machu Picchu aboard Hiram Bingham Belmond

The whole southern part of the south american state is dominated by peaks the height of over 3,000 meters, but not the heights put Peru on the tourist map of the world but Machu Picchu Inca site , which has existed for over 500 years but was discovered in 1911 and Lake Titicaca, navigable lake at its greatest height in the world, about 3,800 meters. A trip to Peru would not be complete without a visit to each of the two.

Machu Picchu is what the south american state has best to offer, not without reason, was included in the list of wonders of the modern world which sits alongside the Great Wall and the Colosseum in Rome. Since you have reached the mountain roads leading to Machu Picchu you expect something special to happen. Clouds get down and dresses the mountains, that themselves hide inside this inca site which was discovered a century ago. For an overview yoy must be prepared either to climb dozens of steps or to climb Huayna Picchu, the mountain that appears in all conventional views.

It is a struggle with heights. The road is steep and often narrow only a few tens of centimeters. Where the road ends, the chaos begins. When the clouds move for a few moments, you realize that worth the effort.

Until you get to Macchu Picchu, you have to take the train, unless your batteries last to go down the mountain roads on foot, and by far the best option is Belmond Hiram Bingham train, named after the explorer who discovered the inca site. 20s style decorated with plush chairs and tables that is not missing the champagne, the train has 84 seats. Passengers who were tired to see the lanscape from their comfortable place, can have run to the dining wagon or the observer one.

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