The Magic of London, a City that Never Sleeps
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The Magic of London, a City that Never Sleeps

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The Magic of London, a City that Never Sleeps

As any major city and a place that attracts plenty of tourists, London can be quite a tiring city during the day. Taking a walk through the town squares while the sun is still glistening can be quite difficult. It’s hard to enjoy the beauty of the city, of its buildings, its landmarks and its history if we’re constantly distracted by people and cars that rush past us.

While the trademark of every major city is its rush, the speed that screams out “busy, busy, busy”, that’s hardly something that we can put on par with the beauty of the city itself. Certainly, avoiding the rush is inevitable, as most city tours will take place during the day.

However, we can treat ourselves to a special time by choosing to visit the city at night, when the rushing commuters are already at home. Taking a tour of the city when most of the lights inside the houses go out can be very rewarding, and we can easily do it by getting the private transportation services provided by 365airporttransfers.


What we really miss during the day is the magic of the city, its rich history that we can only sense in a moment of peace, when the city is recovering after suffering the hard steps of the sometimes careless people. Not that the city would be suffering from all the excess.

On the contrary, it flourishes during the day, which is why, during the night, it’s all the more special. Even if we’re in the city only on business, that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t take advantage of our free time. While we may be caught up with work during the day and would like to relax during the evening, we don’t have to sit in a hotel in order to rest. With the help of 365airporttransfers we can get a private car with a chauffeur drive us around town, enjoying dinner at a fancy restaurant or a full English tea at a chic coffee shop.

The pub is an all-time favorite of those that live in London and it’s the kind of place where we can truly get a taste of the English culture, albeit not in the most orthodox way. We will find that, if we were under the impression that the busy people rushing in the streets were cold or maybe even ignorant, everything changes after a pint of a premium lager or cider.

Odds are that, just by drinking a beer with the locals, we’ll make a lot of friends.

One of the problems we might encounter if we’re on our first visit to London or if we don’t really know the city well enough we’ll have trouble finding a way to get from one place to another. While we can easily rent a car with a GPS and be done with it, we’ll still find ourselves to be lost and waste time trying to find the right street. We can avoid all that by getting the services of a private taxi service from

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