Why Do You Want to Quit Smoking?
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Why Do You Want to Quit Smoking?

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Why Do You Want to Quit Smoking?

There are so many bad habits people should quit, but they don’t make even the slightest effort to make that positive change. Smoking is just one of the numerous ones, still, one of the most dangerous ones.

However, as surprising as it may seem for some people, acknowledging health threats rarely has the expected impact on persons with unhealthy habits, especially if they don’t present any visible symptoms of the problems that are commonly caused by those habits. How many of you have stopped eating junk food after having seen a documentary about its disastrous effects on the human body or even after having been warned by a doctor?

That is why it might be a really good idea to try to think about other disadvantages of bad habits, besides those related to your physical health, in order to convince yourself to make a change, in order to find the strength and motivation that are required to improve your life.

You should try to find the argument that has the most powerful impact on you instead of struggling to convince yourself of the importance of something you are aware of, but in which you don’t necessarily truly believe. The fact is that no matter how much someone is told about the importance of their health, no matter if they accept the fairness of such a statement, they will not act according to this belief; it is very hard to act upon rational arguments all alone.

Nicotine addiction is not the only factor that makes it hard for smokers to quit this habit. The simple fact that it is a habit is a problem you have to overcome. Pills, patches and chewing gums can be very efficient in the cases of many people. The best methods to quit smoking are here http://bodygeek.ro/riscurile-fumatorilor .

But it might not work for everyone precisely because it is not just this physical addiction that a smoker fights with. Associating cigarettes with your daily routine, with different activities you do, with certain states of mind, with satisfaction, relaxation or even efficiency, this is one of the most difficult problems of a smoker who want to quit. Peer pressure – even in the case of fully grown up persons – and a more or less conscious concern for your image can also be impediments in such an endeavour.

So if you want to convince yourself to quit smoking, take a moment and think about what really bothers you when it comes to this habit, what would help you overcome these impediments. Maybe the financial aspect counts more for you in this situation. Or maybe you don’t realise that the smell of tobacco and the smoke in itself is what bothers you most.

Maybe smoking makes you look like someone you don’t want to be. What you need is a strong personal motive and not some arguments someone else told you and with which you can rationally agree. It doesn’t matter how insignificant your reason may seem to others. If it works for you, exploit it, use it to improve your current state of mind, your daily activities, and your life as a whole.

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