The strangest things about rats
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The strangest things about rats

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The strangest things about rats
Although for most of us rats are some unpleasing rodents, when ranks as main character in movies and cartoons they’re funniest creatures. Let us remember the famous Ratatouille…

However, few people even know a few things about these rodents.

We’ll introduce the strangest things about rats and you will have to tell us which impressed you the most.

Rat meat is edible – Rats are somehow banned, given that they are quite dangerous carriers of diseases such as trichinosis or trichinosis . However, a good part of asian people cooks often mice. To ensure that the meat is healthy asians cook rats that find in the wild, not those who live in contaminated urban areas .

Pee everywhere – rats like to urinate where ever they can. Both females and males mark their territory with smelly urine . Rodents have very well developed sense of smell and the chemicals in the urine acts as fingerprint. Also, urine help them to ” yell out loud ” that seeks its mate. It is strange that, in order to show the supremacy, urinate over ” colleagues ” urine.

Rats are cannibals – Females are not some model – mothers, since often eat their young babies. However, rats do not kill their neighbors to eat – achieve this behavior only when they are already dead.

Rats Island – Rats Island is a unquestionable proof of the power these rodents can exercise . Rats have invaded the island – located in Aleutians – in 1780, when a Japanese ship sunk near the shore. Multiplied explosively, they decimated local populations of birds, seriously affecting the island’s fragile ecosystem. However, in 2009 was undertaken an extensive operation to eliminate rats after 229 years they have roamed the island.

Rats are gluttonous – They may be small, but have a highly developed appetite. In addition, small rodents can eat a third of their body weight every day and don’t have claims: eat soap, leather, furs, candy, milk, meat, and as I said, even other rodents.

Rats can become giants – Although unsightly, the rats that come to mind are not large. But that does not mean there can’t be rodents of impressive dimensions. In 2007, scientists discovered in New Guinea species of rats weighing up to 2.7 kg and were 5 times higher than average ordinary rats.

Temple of Rats – In this temple in India, hundreds of thousands of people come annually to reset. Although it seems very strange, temple worship hundreds of thousands of rats. Considered the reincarnation of people, animals are considered sacred, the spiritual patrons of the temple. Here rats are treated as real stars, being fed and cared very well.

Everything happens in the family – when it comes to mating, there is no question of any discrimination. Mothers engage with children, brothers with sisters so on… With this incestuous behavior, it is not surprising that rats can invade island in a very short time.

How many are there? Rats are not only very old on this earth, but there are very many. They appeared on earth 48 million years ago, before mankind and, on average, each inhabitant of the planet has two rats.


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