Europe is a great continent with many tourist attractions
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Europe is a great continent with many tourist attractions

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Europe is a great continent with many tourist attractionsYou can find convenient Heathrow airport transfers when you travel to England for a holiday or to do business. Europe is a great continent with many tourist attractions which can be visited throghout the entire year.

Some of the East European countries offer to their visitors a complete experience on a budget. The Western European countries have many great small towns and big cities which can be visited whenever tourists want to choose a holiday destination in Europe.

The village of Pucisca, Croatia, is an amazing place with picturesque places to admire. This small harbor town offers a great experience for a holiday to all those who want to be part of a great civilization even for a few days.

The Wonderful Adriatic Sea offers a stunning view to those who choose Pucisca for their holiday abroad, in Europe.


In Iceland you can also visit Vestmannaeyjar, located on the island of Heimaey. This is the largest of the 14 islands situated in the Westman Islands archipelago. Those who want to visit this place can find here a wonderful biodiversity, many unique plant species and millions of birds which can be admired by the visitors of this place. Vestmannaeyjar is also the best place for those who want to admire puffins.

Sintra, Portugal, represents another important destination in Europe. Visitors can see here one of the most beautiful palaces in the world, called Pena Palace, which was built in 1840. The variety of birds, trees and exotic plants which can be seen here represent a big advantage of this place in Europe.

Burano, Italy, is another amazing place in Europe. This island is situated in the Venetian lagoon. Its romantic air and distintive style of the houses that are found here are some of he advantages for which visitors should choose this holiday destination.

This small town has many fishermen who painted their houses in vivid colours so that the buildings could be seen from far away, while they were fishing on the sea.

The French city of Bordeaux is another important destination which reveals exciting  places to any visitor from another country or continent.

Those who are interested in culture, style, good wine and diversity can come to pay a visit to Bordeaux. This city is also a top gourmet destination for people around the world who want to taste the great French cuisine. This is one of the most elegant cities which can be found in France.

Lisbon, Potugal, is one of the top destinations in Europe bacause it offers a great experience to all those who want to have an amazing holiday on the European continent. The nightlife is vibrant in this city, its gastronomy, hotels and spas are just some of the great things visitors can find here every holiday season.

Another incredible European destination is Valetta, Malta. The astonishing array of tourist objectives which can be admired here is presented to the visitors of this city in vibrant colours and incredible presentations.

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