What are the best printing presses on the market?
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What are the best printing presses on the market?

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What are the best printing presses on the market?If in any other areas anyone tries to establish some kind of tops, in order to determine which one is the best, somehow even in the used printing machines area there are some opinions that say that a press is better than the other.

We all know that in these cases anyone may be subjective (even us), but from experience and from other people opinion we could create a top from which the best models could not be missing.

An used printing presses top can be created only if we look in the history of printing. Many of us might say that the Germans are the best on the market for many years by now.

That is in fact correct, being known the fact that Gutenberg was the first who used a printing press, and much more, his model was the basis for the other models that came on the market. We can say in this way, as in case of the psychoanalyse (Freud being the so called “father” of this domain) that Gutenberg is the “father” of the printing area.

The Germans are being most known for their Heidelberg machines. And this is not by a touch of fortune. The fact is that by these products, the Germans had dedicated to the printing process, making the equipments better that the rest from all point of view. Now, this is a certitude, and not a probability. The sales reports say that, the clients say that, and also the longevity of the products is saying that.

The German are being known not just for this name. There are also a lot of German producers that proved to be really qualified in this area. The Man Roland press, no matter what year, the KBA presses, they all contributed to the development of the printing processes all over the world.

Never the less, beside Germans, like in any other domain, they are being followed by the innovative Japanese minds. So, they came on the market with the Komori name, and they managed to stay on the market until today as one of the best printing devices producers. The Americans gave us the MBO equipments, from where we can mention the Perfection models such as the T 960 Perfection or the K8 Perfection Combi-Folder, but just a few presses.

Staying for a little while in Japan, we can find the Mitsubishi printing presses, from where we can extract some of their best models like the one form the Diamond range ( Diamond 6000 LX, Diamond 1000 LS, Diamond V3000 TP, Diamond 5000 LX or Diamond 2000 LC).

From Switzerland the Muller Martini company comes as well with a lot of printing devices that meant a lot for some peoples. They are known for the quality offset printing presses and for their finishing systems and equipments.

From what we can see, without taking anyones side, the Germans are the best on the market. They have a lot of experience in this field, the best services, and the best accessories. Now we can not tell you to buy a thing or another, but we can tell you that all these printing presses can be found all in one place, and that is the http://usedpresses.org/used-printing-presses/ .

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