Website Design For The Beginner: Everything You Need To Know To Get Started
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Website Design For The Beginner: Everything You Need To Know To Get Started

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Website Design For The Beginner: Everything You Need To Know To Get Started
Everyone has an idea of how they want their website to look and function. This can be a good thing as long as it is a personal page, however for a business page, you need to consider the visitors and understand that most people are using portable devices that may have conflicts with your page.

The Visual Composer extensions represent a very easy way of customizing your WordPress website. They are dedicated to those who are not experts in programming but want to give their sites a unique look. You must also know that LambertGroup offers the best pack of Visual Composer Addons Video Tutorials, teaching you how to customize your new website step by step.

These people will walk away if they do not like what they see or it takes too long to load as they are using data plans and not high speed Internet. This article will help you choose the correct formatting so you build a site that is accessible by all.

One thing people often forget is that large images can take a long time to load, and in the case of those with mobile devices, not everyone has an unlimited package, the data charges or access time could be extensive.

For those reasons, you should stick with smaller images in the 320 x 640 range. You should have a mobile site prepared, but if not, you certainly do not want to lose traffic because your images are too large, take too long too load and too long to downsize to fit the consumers screen.

You need to remember that your graphics should be appropriate for the content and niche audience. You also need to be wary of free image hosting sites as well. Many of these have adult content for ads that may not be appropriate for visitors and many are known to be harmful to PC’s.

Stay away from using copyrighted works as this can lead to problems if you are making money with your site. There are several sites that offer public domain pics available for free to personal and commercial users as well as sites containing royalty free images that can be used for a small sum of money.

Avoid using animated images, especially blinking ones and GIF’s. The issue here is that they do take time to load, most likely will not work properly on portable devices.

Flash content is another big no no as many devices won’t handle it as flash is still only available on newer phones and many devices aren’t offered O/S upgrades to newer versions that can use it. The thing to remember is that it isn’t 2005, and PC’s are dinosaurs now. You reach the client via tablets and mobile devices so your web page needs to be designed for them first.

Always use standard layouts for the reasons mentioned above. Smartphones all have different operating systems and different browsers. You will be fine with standard layouts, but anything more creative may not load properly or will be hard to navigate through.

Stick with standard professional font types like times new roman or ariel as these are compatible with all systems and PC’s. The wrong font will actually lock a portable device up if it isn’t compatible, and you will never see that consumer again.

If you keep these suggestions in mind when building your site and stick with the basics, you will be in great shape. The goal is to reach as many consumers as possible, and the only way to do so is realize the devices that are being used for web access and adjust your site to work with all.


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